Hey there! My name is Amanda Gayle Plummer. I'm a coffee addicted fashion designer, wanting to explore the world in my chunky knit sweaters. I'm a go getter always ready to start my next big adventure. 

Graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and a minor in Art History. I use my quirky perspective on life to inspire my designs. Designing for those who are looking for untraditional approach to traditional silhouettes. Always preferring quality over quantity. I have a passion for knit and outwear because I love the technical aspects of both while getting to explore different types of fibers and materials. 

I love rainy days where I get to curl up with a good book or binge watching historical dramas. I enjoy living in a city where so many cultures and ideas collide. I am always looking to be inspired, even in the most ordinary places. 


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The Black Sheep

Inspired by the black sheep of the family. This collection is a mix of masculine and feminine pieces, meant to be pasted down by generations creating timeless pieces for either gender. 

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War Against Pigeons

Men's wear fall/winter collection inspired by city dwellers dislike of pigeons. A utilitarian collection that draws from military silhouettes and details. Includes machine knit sweaters. 

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Previous Projects

Previous projects completed during my BFA program.